How to Overcome Artist's Block

Artist's block sucks. Almost as much as writer's block. There's nothing worse than staring at a blank piece of paper and making motions in the air and being unable to put pen to paper. It kind of feels like this:

Here are some of the things that help me overcome artist's block:
  • plan some fun. Yes, it sounds somewhat contradictory but sometimes I need to schedule some spontaneity in your life. This might mean making a trip to a store in a far-flung suburb or dragging some friends to the markets, an art exhibit or a festival event.
  • find tiny ways to express my creativity. I may be too frustrated to draw or paint something but it takes minimal effort to knit a few rows on a scarf or beanie (the only two things I know how to knit) or bake some cookies, and that may be enough to regain momentum.
  • mingle with other creatives. The fashion/art/design world is full of many freelancers and it can be hard to get motivated without someone else pushing you. Reaching out to other creative people pays dividends in the form of feedback, encouragement and a sense of community.
  • go outside. Fresh air really helps clear the mind (all the more reason to be environmentally conscious - who wants to hang out in smog?). I like to go on walks during my lunch break, which forces me to exercise and explore my city - I never know what inspiration I might uncover.
  • push through the pain. If all else fails, I can only struggle on until the artist's block...well, unblocks. I've made pages and pages of horrible, kindergarten-esque doodles until suddenly I can draw again.
Do you have any other tips?

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