Wardrobe Wishlist

So, I just got invited to a wedding in October... There's nothing like all your friends getting married to make you feel old (sigh). Anyways, here is what I'd wear if I had a million dollars to make myself feel like a million dollars:

Dress, Fleur Wood at Ciao Meow, AUD$465

Blazer, Urban Outfitters, US$68

Earrings, JSurine at Etsy, US$175

I LOVE these earrings. They're so timeless and elegant...and would make a great heirloom! (P.S. Browsing through Etsy is like hunting for buried treasure - so much fun!)
Ballet flats, J. Crew, US$128
Clutch, Wittner, AUD$69.95

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  1. Wow! I am honored that my sapphire earrings have made your list!