Through the Sartorialist's Lens

My favorite blog of all time has got to be The Sartorialist by fashion photographer Scott Schuman.

Since 2006, Mr Schuman has been sharing his snapshots of the best-dressed people in New York, Paris, Milan and elsewhere. Drawing on 15 years' experience in sales and marketing for high-end women's designer collections like Valentino, his photography documents the who, what and wear of the fashion industry and the streets. He has been named by Time Magazine as one of the Top 100 Design Influences and is regularly featured in an array of publications including Vogue, GQ, Lucky and Esquire.

The interesting thing about Mr Schuman is that he captures the details of an ensemble - whether it be the intense color of a belt, the proportion of shirt cuff peeking out of a jacket, the mix of floral and plaid, or the fusion of contrasting styles. I enjoy perusing his photos because they force me to notice little things that I would normally overlook. When I pass someone on the street, I tend to visualize the outfit as a whole and then examine the fit, silhouette, color, pattern, texture and detailing (in that order). It's nice to see clothes through someone else's eyes...or, in this case, lens.

These are my favorite Sartorialist outfits.

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