The Godfather Style

I have a penchant for menswear... I admire the care and skill that goes into creating a bespoke suit, and the strong sense of tradition and history behind the art of tailoring. Also, guys generally look better in suits. I'd love to go to Italy for a couple of years and do an apprenticeship with a master tailor...the language barrier could be a bit of a problem...also, I'm not very patient when it comes to the needle and thread. But still!

Anyways, I digress...The Godfather...definitely one of my favorite movies, for the catchy theme song, the food, the pairing of a young Al Pacino and a young Diane Keaton, the drama, a mind-blowingly talented Marlon Brando and the costuming! Great costuming...The flashbacks to the early twentieth century in Part II were awesome too.

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