Cool Business Cards

I am a stationary freak. So you can imagine how giddy I was to see the following über cool business card designs:
I like the idea of making the business card a form of ID.

Cute AND functional!
Very tongue in chic...I love the instant scratchie concept.
This business card can be folded into a little toy car - cute!

If I was in a more creative field of work, I'd totally use this idea of turning my brand image into a dictionary definition.
A babushka business card!

I love how the plastic cut-out reveals the contact details...just like a real letter (but better because it doesn't enclose a bill)!
Brilliant - these business card labels tear off!
Do you remember these ice-breaker stickers from middle school? I do!

This quirky concept cleverly conveys the person's profession.
See here for more!

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